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学生フォーミュラ2019:全車両カタログ E2:Tongji University

  • 2019/09/04
  • Motor Fan illustrated編集部

フレーム構造 monocoque
ボディ材 carbon fiber
サスペンション Double unequal length A-arm Push rod(F/R)
全長×全高 2920 mm × 1180 mm
軸距 1530 mm
輪距(前/後) 1220/1150 mm
重量(前後比) 195 kg(48:52)
最低地上高 45 mm
ホイール/タイヤ 13 inch OZ & Continental C18
モーター型式、型番、個数 DYNASYN synchronousservo motor, DD5-14-10-POW-18600-B5, 4
定格出力(連続) 12.3[kW]
最高出力 35.2[kW]
最大トルク 21[Nm]
バッテリ Li-ion
公称電圧/最大電圧 502 V/574V
公称容量 7.0 kwh/14Ah
変速機 N/A
最終減速機 N/A
ブレーキ 2 outboard(F/R)
特記事項 four-wheel drive, torque vectoring, AMK motors and inverter,aero package

■ 車の特徴とチームの抱負
DRe19 is our third 4WD car with full monocoque. We are equipped with aero package, as well as carbon suspension. And for torque vectoring, traction control, we developed our own algorithm to improve the performance of DRe19 . DIAN Racing is a passionate Formula Student Electric team from Tongji Universit y. Established in March 2013, the consists of 100 members.

Car No.:E02
Total score:503.54
Cost Score:15.00
Presentation Score:53.90
Design Score:112.00
Acceleration Score:92.52
Skid Pad Score:26.29
Autocross Score:92.83
Endurance Score:11.00
Efficiency Score:100.00
Endurance and Efficiency Score:111.00

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